Procedure for releasing and pick up stored trailers



Please adhere to the following instructions when picking up trailers released by ESTEVE:

  1. The customer provides data on the person who will pick up the trailer to the e-mail address : name of the driver, personal identification number or date of birth, date, vehicle license plate number.
  2. The driver must have at least a long-term or one-time authorisation to receive goods. The authorisation document must be sent to the e-mail address or brought to the warehouse office upon arrival at the port.
  3. The driver calls the warehouse office phone number +372 5187215, provides their name and the number(s) of the trailer(s) they intend to pick up. The person in charge of releasing the goods checks the data, carries out the required procedures, and prepares an entrance permit for the driver. If necessary, they provide instructions on the location of the trailer.
  4. DETECTION OF DAMAGE. Before hitching the trailer to the vehicle, the driver is obligated to inspect the trailer. If any damage is detected, ESTEVE tallyman must be called at +372 518 7215 to record the damage. The driver prepares a report of damage on an independent form given to them by the tallyman. The driver takes photos where necessary. The tallyman confirms the report with a signature and a seal – damage reported EXAMINED. Reports of damage prepared after the trailers have been hitched to the vehicle or moved in the port are not accepted by ESTEVE or shipping lines.

In case of failure to comply with the procedure, the carrier will incur procedural costs according to a valid price list.

Any unauthorised transfer of a trailer is reported to both the port and, where necessary, the police.

In case of a repeated failure to comply with the procedure, we will cancel the gate permit issued to the person who committed the breach with permanent effect with the involvement of the port.

Warehousing Department