Ship agency service

Argo Viikvald Port Agent

ESTEVE AS offers high-quality ship agency service in the Paldiski South Harbour.

Due to the fact that we handle the loading/discharging operations of vessels and are in close cooperation with the harbour administration, we can offer a smooth and efficient port turnaround to ship and cargo owners 24/7.

The services includes

  • Berth booking
  • Clearance of vessels upon arrival and departure
  • Drawing up necessary cargo documents
  • Supervision and coordination of cargo operations
  • Provision of all necessary services for vessel (fresh water, stores, crew change, etc)
  • Payment of all port charges and fees

Advantages of the Paldiski South Harbour

The harbour is situated in the trade route between the East and West, which allow to concentrate on handling transit as well as export and import cargoes.


Regular lines of Ro-Ro vessels with main ports in Western and Northern Europe as well as good rail and road connections.


In winter the harbour is practically ice free due to the natural conditions.

Ice free

The territory of the harbour as well as industrial parks around the harbour have got plenty of space for development.


Mobile cranes lifting up to

150 tons

Portal cranes lifting up to

40 tons

Forklifts lifting of up to

25 tons

Closed warehouses

15 000 m2

Total length of berths

1,85 km

Open storage

28 ha