ESTEVE terminal regulations

When enter Paldiski South Harbour:

Potential hazards or sources of ESTEVE terminal:

  • Terminal traffic (cranes, material handling machines, reach stackers,
    front loaders, forklifts, sweeping machines, tractors, etc.);
  • Working areas, i.e. berth areas when loading and unloading vessels, transportation of cargo and storage areas;
  • Rail traffic;
  • Dust from handling bulk cargo (in case of strong wind);
  • Small pieces of scrap metal may be present on the port territory during scrap metal transport; in case of larger pieces of scrap metal, inform the ESTEVE stevedore.

Moving around the ESTEVE terminal:

  • Be visible! When on foot, always wear high-visibility clothing. When driving a vehicle, the use of hazard lights is mandatory;
  • Please note that terminal traffic always has the right of way. In all other cases, traffic from the right has priority;
  • Always follow the instructions of the ESTEVE traffic controller;
  • Do not use distracting devices (headphones, mobile phones, etc.);
  • Follow warning and prohibitive signs and notices, as well as traffic signs;
  • Port territory is covered with CCTV recording cameras.

In the ESTEVE terminal, it is prohibited to:

  • Smoke (including inside the vehicles), except in designated and accordingly marked places;
  • Make a fire and carry out any hot work without the written consent of Port of Tallinn and ESTEVE;
  • Be on the territory of ESTEVE terminal under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs;
  • Enter work area without ESTEVE’s permission (e.g. loading areas with operating cranes, warehouses, etc.);
  • Use two-wheeled vehicles (e.g., scooters, bicycles, roller skates) on the territory of the ESTEVE terminal;
  • Throw rubbish on the ground or into the sea;
  • Photograph, film or fly an unmanned aerial aircraft (drone) without permission. For a drone, authorization from Port of Tallinn and ESTEVE is required at all times;
  • Park in non-designated areas;
  • Walk/move around the terminal without written instructions from ESTEVE or an escort appointed by ESTEVE;
  • Damage property located in the ESTEVE terminal.

Emergency phone numbers:

  • Rescue Board 112
  • Paldiski South Harbour Dispatcher Service (24 hrs) +372 5099 479 (24 hrs) +372 6318 810
  • ESTEVE stevedore (24 hrs) +372 5104 338