Warehousing Department

Warehousing Department handles all cargoes except bulk cargo. To achieve the best result we consider our client’s needs individually and flexibly.

Main services:

  • Goods storage
  • Reloading of goods between different transport units
  • Fixing cargo in transport units, including oversized, heavy, dangerous and non-standard cargo

Support services:

  • Cargo inspection, repacking, weighing, sorting and labeling
  • Sealing of cargoes and transport units

Warehouse working hours

Mon-Sun 08.30AM – 19.30PM

The procedure of entry to the harbour:

For the entry permit to the harbour, to deliver or receive cargo, please send the following information to the e-mail address ladu@esteve.ee

  • Name and surname
  • Company name
  • Registration number of the vehicle

To obtain a long-term permission please apply to the Safety & Security Department of Port of Tallinn Ltd. to the e-mail