In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, ESTEVE AS changes the procedure for issuing and receiving goods from our store yard.

Starting from 14.03.2020, the warehouse office in Paldiski South Harbour is closed to drivers and all information is exchanged via e-mail and telephone.

Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Send the order, with the information of driver’s first and last name and the vehicle registration number to the e-mail ladu@esteve.ee
  • For the purpose of operative action, forward all documents required for the receipt or delivery of goods to the e-mail ladu@esteve.ee before the driver arrives!
  • When arriving at the port, the driver of the vehicle should call the warehouse phone number +372 5187215 and inform about the arrival.
  • Entry permit will be issued for the vehicle and additional information will be provided if necessary.
  • Driving instructions can be found HERE

We hope that everyone will understand and take seriously the situation.

This procedure shall remain in force until the situation in Estonia and the neighbouring countries has returned to normal.

Changes will be notified.